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UV-фильтр HOYA UV(0) HD 52mm (HOYA-UV0-HD-52)

Поляризационный фильтр HOYA PL-CIR PRO1D 77mm (HOYA-PL-CIR-PRO1D-77)

Светофильтр HOYA Pro ND200 82mm 24066057174

Светофильтр HOYA Variable Density 62mm 80467

Светофильтр HOYA HD Circular-PL 72mm 24066051165

Japan HOYA HOYA-UV curing light source fiber optic EXECURE-H-1VC II with 2 lights

Светофильтр HOYA HD Protector 82mm 76742 / 0024066050984

Светофильтр HOYA Fusion One UV 58mm 02406606840

Светофильтр HOYA Pro 1D Circular-PL 52mm 75721

Светофильтр HOYA UX UV 77mm 0024066067241

Светофильтр HOYA Pro ND16 72mm 24066058416

Светофильтр HOYA Fusion One PL-CIR 40.5mm 02406606861

Светофильтр HOYA Fusion One PL-CIR 58mm 02406606867

Фильтр защитный HOYA HD Protector 82mm 76742 / 0024066050984

Светофильтр HOYA Infrared R72 86mm 80493

Светофильтр HOYA HMC UV (0) 52mm 75680

Светофильтр HOYA HRT UV (0) Circular-PL 58mm 77479

Фильтр ультрафиолетовый HOYA UX UV 77mm 0024066067241

Фильтр поляризационный HOYA Fusion One PL-CIR 40.5mm 02406606861

Набор светофильтров HOYA Digital Filter Kit HMC MULTI UV, Circular-PL, NDX8 - 77mm

Светофильтр HOYA Digital Filter Kit HMC MULTI UV, Circular-PL, NDX8 - 77mm набор светофильтров 79503 / 24066059024

Светофильтр HOYA Filter Kit Pro ND8/64/1000 - 82mm набор светофильтров 97330

Светофильтр HOYA Filter Kit Pro ND8/64/1000 - 58mm набор светофильтров 97325

Светофильтр HOYA Digital Filter Kit HMC MULTI UV, Circular-PL, NDX8 - 40.5mm набор светофильтров 79496 24066058928

Светофильтр HOYA Filter Kit Pro ND8/64/1000 - 67mm набор светофильтров 97327

HOYA-UV point light source irradiation head 300MW 365nm

Japan HOYA EXECURE-H-1VC II curing light source DC24V 2.5A with three heads

HOYA-UV point light source irradiating head with extension line 1.3m without 188mm

Donald McRae Dark Trade: Lost in Boxing

"McRae brings to the highly charged, obsessive world of professional boxing a novelist's eye and ear for revealing detail and convincingly recalled dialogue. This is an impassioned book."—Joyce Carol Oates, LA Times “This deeper understanding of everything that surrounds the fight game is what makes Dark Trade so compelling and why McRae’s brave book remains essential reading for any boxing fan.”—Joshua Isard, The Fight City Dark Trade: Lost In Boxing , by Donald McRae, award-winning author of eleven non-fiction books and staff writer for The Guardian , is widely considered of one of the best boxing books all time. This is a new edition, released in the United States for the first time, that includes a new chapter by the author, plus a stunning cover that features a painting of boxer James Toney by noted boxing artist Amanda Kelley. There is no other sport like boxing. Over twenty years ago, Donald McRae set out across the United States and his adopted home, Britain, to find deeper meaning in the brutal trade that had transfixed him since he was a young man. The result is a stunning chronicle that captures not only McRae's compelling personal journey through the world of professional prizefighting, but also the stories of some of its biggest names James Toney, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya, Naseem Hamed, and others. Singular in his ability to uncover the emotional forces that drive men to get into the ring, McRae brilliantly exposes the hopes and fears and obsessions of these legendary fighters, while revealing some of his own along the way. What he shares with them most, he comes to realize, is that he is hopelessly, and willingly, lost in boxing.

731.42 RUR



Richard Hartley Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada

This guidebook offers a selection of 38 routes from simple day walks, high mountain scrambles to very demanding multi-day treks in the striking Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range in mainland Spain. Easily accessible from Granada and Malaga, it is a world of soaring, snow-clad peaks and deep valleys, far removed from the crowded beaches of the Costa del Sol just two hours away.
The routes are spread across the national park, with attractive towns and villages such as Trevelez, Lanjaron, Hoya de la Mora and Cumbres Verdes serving as potential bases for a walking holiday. From more leisurely outings in the Cumbres Verde area to ascents of mainland Spain's highest summit, Mulhacen, there are routes to suit a range of abilities, although most require a reasonable degree of fitness, navigational skill and experience of high mountain terrain.
Whilst some of the routes are day or half-day walks, others take advantage of the region's network of mountain shelters or offer an opportunity to wild camp. Also included are three longer traverses: 'Los Tres Picos' (the Spanish Three Peaks – Veleta, Mulhacen and Alcazaba), 'Los Tres Miles' Integral (a multi-day trek covering all the major 3000m peaks in the range) and an overview of the 302km Sulayr GR240.
The walks can be enjoyed most of the year, however conditions may prove too hot at the peak of summer and extra care and equipment will be required in snow or ice: the descriptions assume summer conditions, but include additional notes for winter walking. The guide also includes advice on transport, bases and safety, a tick-list of the 3000m peaks and a Spanish-English glossary.

1459.92 RUR